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ustwo Auto blog about the phone-level feature Shift: Drive Mode

"Designing the Design Process" graphical representation in Designing Up, the HCDE Annual Newsletter article

Designing the Design Process research article about work completed in the Directed Research Group

Podcast guest on Stevens Rivas's Podcast


Hi, I'm Cheryl. My friends call me Doodles.

There are 5 things I live my life by:

  1. Chase the impossible.
  2. Make yourself proud.
  3. Passion is contagious.

Translated to my UX work: face challenges with a fire in my eye, inspire and be inspired, and then deliver work I believe in.

One day, I'll make digital tools truly capture the little joys and quirks that make a tangible product a person's most prized possession.

On the side, I longboard, bookbind, and swing dance. But, I'll try my hand at anything if I'll learn something.


Check out my resume here.

Drop me a line at cherylwang4@gmail.com.