If text senders knew that their recipient was driving, would texting while driving be reduced?



The Challenge

It goes without saying that texting while driving is dangerous, yet it's still something that a third of drivers admit to doing. Looking at the solutions already out there, it seems that everything is geared towards changing the driver's behaviors. So what if we looked at the other side of the equation--the text senders who aren't driving?



4-6 months

Spring - Summer, 2015


Team of 5



Ideation + Feature Identification

Lead UX and usability research

Experience design

Prototyping (paper and inVision)






Google Spread Sheets

Car Simulator





Drive Mode is something that turns on automatically when a person gets into their car and connects to the car's bluetooth. When someone goes to text this person, a status will indicate that this recipient is driving. Additionally, texts that are sent will be deferred until the driver has stopped the vehicle and disconnected with their car's bluetooth.

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Automatic Drive Mode

One time setup to identify the car's bluetooth.

Automatically turns on when car starts up and the phone is paired with its bluetooth.

Never shares the location of the driver and the driver can always switch Drive Mode on or off manually.




In message thread, sender can see that the recipient is driving.

More often than not, the sender will choose to not send their message, wait to send their message, or let the system defer their message.





deferring messages

Message that are sent will be deferred until the driver has stopped their vehicle and the device is disconnected from their car's bluetooth.

force send.png


Force send messages

If messages need to be sent to the driver right away, texters can force send their message.

Force sent messages will be delivered and replied to using the car's bluetooth voice commands.



Process Pictures

The work below represents work that I personally were a part of or lead.