How can organic farmers and gardeners more easily keep track of all their plants and discover/prevent potential problems?



Microsoft Expo Project

The Challenge

Organic farming requires farmers to take care of every single plant on what could be a several acre plot. They have no way to manage a crop or large field and must rely on personally checking on each plant. Many times, farmers end up wasting resources such as water or soil nutrients — costing them money and costing the world its resources.



2 months

Fall, 2014


Team of 5

Microsoft Expo Mentors

My Contributions

Ideation / feature identification

Experience design


Storyboards (for video)











Sensors are placed along the water irrigation system that can sense water moisture, soil nutrition content, and volatile plant gases. Combined with weather reports, dynamic suggestions and alerts inform farmers of potential problems and remind them of crop needs.


Alerts & Map

Alerts pinpoints potential problems on the map, clearly showing what the problem is.

System also identifies potential pests in the crop.



Tailored Crop Information

Nutrients levels and crop cycles are based on each individual crops' needs.



Water management

Weather integration so farmers can plan ahead.

Prevents farmers from overwatering.

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The work shown below represents work I took lead on or was actively a part of.