How should Canvas be expressed on a tablet? How can you improve or add onto its functionalities?



The Challenge

Canvas, the Learning Management System, lacks a good tablet version of their system. It also lacks in functionalities for coordinating group projects, quickly identifying important elements, and easy way to contact professors. With these two focuses in mind, Canvas is redesigned for students to create a more open and social atmosphere.



2 months

Fall, 2014


Individual project


User research

Ideations / feature identification


Prototype (Hi-Fi)

Usability testing


Storyboarding tool






Canvas's new design makes it easier for students to prioritize their assignments and get things in on time. The accordion panels allows students to easily compare important information side by side. At every step, students can easily communicate with instructors.



Easily distinguish which assignments matter most.

Announcements are easy to dismiss to reduce clutter.




Fast Access

Quickly navigate between courses.

Notifications are obvious and easy to check up on.

Easily communicate with instructors.


Due Date Timeline

See how long an assignment has been up and how close you are to the due date.

Gauge the importance of assignment with the assignment's points and how much it will affect your overall grades.

skins_Assignment Tile.png

Grade Status

Icons make it easy to see what the status of an assignment is.

Easily contact instructors and comment on assignments.



The design features accordion style features so it's easy to see important information side by side.




The images below represent work that I took lead on or was actively part of.